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Arizona ​Coalition of School Board Members

March and April Training Opportunities

BEST Training Opportunities

February 21st, 7 PM: BEST School Board Candidate Academy - Conquering the Media

Click here to register. 

February 22nd, 7:30 PM: BEST School Board Member Leadership Academy - Week 4 

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The Coalition Training Opportunities

March 2nd, 4 PM: Auditor General's Office presentation on COVID-19 Special Spending Report and the School District Financial Risk Analysis

Click here to register. 

March 27th, 7 PM: Arizona Department of Education presentation on Budgeting for People

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April 11th, 4 PM: Auditor General’s presentation on Fiscal Year 2022 School District Spending Report

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Winter Training

Join The Coalition and Building Education for Students Together (BEST) for an in-person training event on February 18th. The agenda will be released soon. Breakfast and Box Lunch included!

Date and Time: 2/18 from 9 AM - 4 PM with a Social Hour from 4 PM - 5 PM

Location: The Forum (2301 S Stearman Dr #4, Chandler, AZ 85286)

The meeting will occur in person in Chandler. Please register for the training with the icon on the left - do NOT forget you can use code "MEMBER2023" for $25 off the training cost! 

New School Board Member Orientation

Join Pam Kirby for New School Board Member Orientation! Topics include setting an agenda, board policy creation and discussion, budgeting, and more. While this training is directed at our newly elected school board members, all are welcome to attend.

Discussion: Title IX

Join us for a virtual discussion with the Child and Parental Rights Campaign regarding the proposed changes to Title IX. Learn the history of Title IX, recent changes from the Trump and Biden administrations, and the consequences of those newly proposed changes. 

Community Schools

Rhonda Thomas from Truth in Education will be discussing the community school model and how it plays on the whole child concept discussed in August. 

The Whole Child Concept

Rhonda Thomas from Truth in Education is returning to discuss the whole child framework that is currently invading our schools.

Summer Training - May 14th 

Please join The Coalition and Building Education for Students Together (BEST) for an in-person training event on June 25th! Speakers will be announced soon. Cost $50 for members; $75 for non-members (Use code MEMBER2022 for $25 off). The ticket price includes a continental breakfast and box lunch.

Location: East Valley Institute of Technology - Mesa Campus

1601 E Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85201

Date: June 25th; 8 AM - 4 PM

SB1269 (School Funding Formula Reform) Workshop 

Matt Simon from Great Schools Strong Leaders will discuss the striker amendment to Senate Bill 1269 that updates the school funding formula. Find out more about the amendment and get your questions answered regarding the changes!

April Training - Cash Policies in School Districts

How much cash does your School District have in the bank? Millions? Where does the money come from? Where does it go? Where is it held? Join us for a primer on cash-controlled funds. We promise that you will want to research the cash-controlled fund balances in your district. 

The Coalition Call - April 2022

Join us on April 19th at 6:30 PM to hear from Bryan Parks. Bryan is a current School Board member in Liberty #25. He will be discussing how he has become an effective member of his board, and how you can too! 

March Training - How School Board Policies Are Made

In this class, we will explore how school board policies have historically been created in Arizona. We will discuss the role and authority of different governing bodies in making policy and their authority. Finally, we will compare the policy of two AZ school districts to illustrate the authority local school boards have.

The Coalition Call - March 2022

Join us on March 24th at 6:30 PM to hear from George Khalaf. George serves as President of Data Orbital and Managing Partner of The Resolute Group. For the last decade, he has leveraged his political instincts, data expertise, and strategic relationships to advance conservative clients and causes throughout Arizona and a growing number of states. With a strong grassroots and data background, George has worked at the local, state, and national levels. Under George’s leadership, Data Orbital is a top-ranked survey research and data visualization firm that is known for its accuracy and transparency. Data Orbital was the most accurate firm that polled Arizona political races and is top-rated by FiveThirtyEight.

February Training - The Arizona School District Spending Report

The Arizona School District Spending Report is prepared annually by the Arizona Auditor General in response to the Arizona Revised Statutes §41-1279.03 requirement to determine the percentage of every dollar Arizona school districts spend in the classroom. Learn how to not only analyze how much your school district is spending on facilities, food service, transportation, administration, and the classroom but also compare your district's spending to peer districts.

This class will also introduce you to School District Performance Audits.

This training has already occurred. To watch the recorded training and find a resource guide, please click here!

The Coalition Call - February 2022

Join us on February 21st at 6 PM to hear from Rhonda Thomas, the Founder and President of Truth In Education. You can read more about Truth In Education here. Founded in 2021, Truth in Education is dedicated to protecting minors from harmful education concepts that have seeped into the classroom and advocating for the rights of parents to control the education and health of their children.

This training has already occurred. To watch the recorded call, please click here!

January Training - Accessing your District's Academic Data

This training has already occurred. To watch the recorded training and find a resource guide, please click here